Poco X3 Pro review: Too big for its own boots?


Our review Poco X3 Pro has 6GB of RAM, so your experience should be at least as good as ours. Video https://freehtmldesigns.com/themes/?p=3611 tops out at 4K 30 frames per second, but there is proper stabilization for smoother clips. Images are relatively soft, and the softness kicks up a level in the ultra-wide, as is to be expected from a budget 8MP sensor.

Its camera is superior, and not just because it has more pixels, 64MP to the Poco X3 Pro’s 48MP. The Pro tends to smudge fine detail, and demonstrates poorer mid-tone contrast than the best in this class. The 8MP ultra-wide camera has a similar color imbalance.

They aren’t the loudest I’ve come across either but they’ll suffice in a pinch. Mid-range competition in the smartphone industry is tough, and it’s not easy for any handset to stand out.

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I have tested the Snapdragon 870 on the Redmi K40 and it’s an impressive chip too. Both Poco X3 Pro and Poco F3 come with probably the best internal hardware for their price. The Poco X3 Pro comes with a significant upgrade as it uses the newly launched Snapdragon 860.

  • Xiaomi phones are expected to have large batteries especially on budget and mid-range phones.
  • Bloatware is there for sure and there are certain unwanted apps which you can’t even uninstall but definitely better than buying a Redmi or Mi device.
  • Even though the Adreno 640 GPU is two generations old, it is far better than most devices running the 7XX series processors.
  • However, it’s still far more powerful than mono speakers.
  • The handset’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios worked as they should.

Can the Poco X3 Pro also provide excellent camera performance? I thought Xiaomi would gimp the camera on this device to cut costs or use the same cameras from the Poco X3. The display is another area Xiaomi has gone with virtually the same display found on the regular Poco X3. It is a 6.67” Full HD screen, the underlying tech is an IPS LCD panel.

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